Quality Incentive Program (QIP)

Facility Quality Incentive Program (QIP) Poster

The ESRD QIP is designed to provide better care for ESRD patients.

CMS distributes payment to facilities based on the care that it provides to you.  It is possible that a facility will receive a payment reduction if it does not perform well enough.

Please note that patients will not be impacted financially by the ESRD QIP specifically, although CMS does requires facilities to post certificates describing how they performed on the ESRD QIP.

The ESRD QIP is utilized to better understand the care each facility provides by allowing you to do the following:

•  Compare facilities based on their ESRD QIP scores

•  Inquire with facilities about their scores


It is important to note that the ESRD QIP should be used as a tool to help you compare and consider facilities, but it is not the sole method for evaluating quality care at facilities.

Visit the CMS website to learn more about how QIP affects patients or download this informative QIP Brochure for Patients.