ESRD Network of New England Staff

How may we help you?

Selected staff positions are described here for your convenience. If you have a specific question, concern or comment this information may assist you in directing your communication. For general questions or assistance contact:

Phone: 203-387-9332
Toll-Free Patient Line: 866-286-ESRD (3773)
Fax: 203-389-9902
Newsletter Signup or text ESRD to 22828


Danielle Daley, MBA – Executive Director
Direct: 203-285-1212

Each ESRD Network Organization has an Executive Director responsible for the administration of the ESRD Medicare contract per designated region. The Executive Director has expertise in:

  • Administration of CMS contract deliverables
  • Management and supervision of Network staff
  • Professional relationships with the ESRD community
  • Ability to interpret ESRD regulations and extensive referral capabilities
  • Financial management

Jenna Vonaa – Senior Program Support Coordinator
Direct: 203-285-1222

This ESRD Network has a Senior Program Support Coordinator that is responsible for providing operational support for all Network departments. The Senior Program Support Coordinator has expertise in:

  • Coordination of New ESRD Patient Orientation Packet (NEPOP)
  • Editing and authoring posts for the Network provider e-newsletter, Provider “Insider”
  • Monitoring and distribution of FDA announcements and recall alerts
  • Meeting planning and coordination
  • Educational material coordination, review, and editing
  • Oversee and assist budget allocation

Quality Improvement

Kristin Brickel, RN, MSN, MHA, CNN – Quality Improvement Director
Direct: 203-285-1214

Each ESRD Network is responsible for promoting excellence in patient care. The Quality Improvement Director has expertise in:

  • Clinical quality of care for dialysis and transplant patients
  • Quality Improvement (national) projects and education
  • Current information on state and federal regulations related to Nephrology Nursing
  • Policy development consultation
  • Clinical assessment and recommendations
  • Clinical grievance consultation

Heather Camilleri, CCHT – Quality Improvement Coordinator
Direct: 203-285-1224

The Quality Improvement Coordinator works directly with clinics to provide technical support, education, and quality improvement for all Network quality projects including:

  • Transplant coordination and vascular access monitoring
  • Clinical, medical, quality improvement, and technical issues
  • Policy development consultation
  • Clinical assessment and recommendations
  • Assistance with water quality training, CCHT training, and ongoing education for CCHTs
  • Technical assistance to facilities for QAPI, Network projects, and reporting systems (ie. NHSN/CROWNWeb)
  • 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program monitoring

Patient Services & Community Outreach

Brittney Jackson, LMSW – Patient Services Director
Direct: 203-285-1213

This ESRD Network Organization has a staff member responsible for processing patient grievances, maintaining a resource library and facilitating educational programs. The Patient Services Director has expertise in:

  • Consultation, technical education and assistance to social workers, nurse managers and other renal professionals regarding the ESRD program, Medicare benefits and conflict management techniques
  • Processing and resolving patient grievances and when appropriate, collaborating with Quality Improvement (QI) staff, nephrologists and/or Grievance Committee
  • Providing technical or general assistance with the coordination of involuntary patient discharges and patient placement
  • Developing informational materials, brochures and newsletters for the renal community, CMS, organizational entities, or patients
  • Facilitating the activities of the Patient and Family Learning and Action Network (PFE LAN)
  • Promoting vocational rehabilitation efforts by providers
  • Editing and authoring articles for the Network patient newsletter, Kidney Chronicles
  • Monitoring In-Center Hemodialysis Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (ICH CAHPS) annual attestations

Kayla P. Abella – Community Outreach Coordinator
Direct: 203-285-1223

The Community Outreach Coordinator has expertise in:

  • Facilitating and assisting providers/facilities in developing plans for local emergency disasters
  • Monitoring severe weather
  • Coordinating emergency response activities, including conducting facility operational status scans, participating in regional and national emergency coordination and response conference calls and assisting Department of Public Health (DPH) and Office of Emergency Management (OEM) offices
  • Educating provider staff and patients emergency preparedness
  • Coordinating information dissemination to the renal community and patients via email, fax and USPS
  • Facilitating the activities of the Patient Advisory Committee (PAC)
  • Overseeing and assisting in editing and authoring articles for the Network patient newsletter, Kidney Chronicles

Information Systems

Jaya Bhargava, Ph.D., CPHQ – Operations Director
Direct: 203-285-1215

IPRO ESRD Network of New England manages and continuously improves a computerized patient registry system. Data in the system provides information on patient demographics, treatment, modality, diagnosis and status. The Network Operations Director has expertise in:

  • Provide support to facility staff in enrolling in QIMS \ CROWNWeb
  • Provides technical support for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN)
  • Provide technical support for Dialysis Facility Reports
  • Provides technical support for special projects
  • Responding to questions related to data entry and access to different data systems

Krystle Gonzalez – Data Coordinator
Direct: 203-285-1225

This ESRD Network has a Senior Data Coordinator that is responsible for data entry of CMS ESRD patient forms and other data related information. The Senior Data Coordinator has expertise in:

  • Assists in maintenance of CROWNWeb System
  • Coordinates the year-end Facility Survey
  • Resolves CROWNWeb data discrepancies
  • Ensure facilities submit timely provider and personnel data
  • Provider support to facility staff in accessing Dialysis Facility Reports (Master Account Holder)