Decreasing Dialysis Patient-Provider Conflict (DPC) Toolkit

The DPC toolkit, which is funded by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), is a coordinated, national effort by the ESRD community about conflict in dialysis facilities. The toolkit provides resources to understand, educate, and cope with conflict. Some of the goals of DPC are to create safe dialysis facilities, to increase awareness of conflict and improve skills to decrease conflict, to improve patient-staff relationships, and to create common language to describe conflict. The DPC toolkit, using the Conflict Model, follows these steps:

• Create a calm environment
• Openness in understanding others
• Need a Nonjudgmental approach
• Focus on the issue at hand
• Look for solutions
• Implement agreement
• Continue communication
• Take another look at the situation.


For more detailed information on DPC toolkit and the conflict model, please see the DPC brochure.

The DPC toolkit is important because it fosters an improved patient-staff working relationship; it prevents escalation of conflict to maintain a safe workplace and provides skills to intervene successfully in a conflict. The toolkit also improves employee morale, and increases employee and patient satisfaction with the dialysis experience.

Each unit, and each new unit, is sent a DPC toolkit. To order a toolkit for your facility, please contact the Patient Services Director at 203-387-9332. Thank you for doing your part to help in decreasing patient provider conflict.